About Me

Michael C. Cartwright is a Salisbury, North Carolina native who was reading on a fourth grade level at age three. From elementary school, Cartwright became in tune with sports, entertainment and pop culture. Cartwright had his own sports career up until college and a current music career. Upon attending North Carolina A&T State University, Cartwright readily recognized his knowledge of the media world. Today, he is an honors senior Multimedia journalism student, the co-lead reporter for theYARD section of North Carolina A&T's newspaper, "The Register." Cartwright is also the camera technician for A&T's news station, "Aggie News" as well as an event host. Cartwright's future plans consist of earning his juris doctorate degree and law license, then become an entertainment agent. Cartwright's work is a true reflection of his passion of amplifying and advocating for the culture around us.

“You can make anything by writing.”

C. S. Lewis